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Dr. William E. 'Ted' Dewart

Dr. 'Ted' Dewart

Dr. 'Ted' Dewart is one of the more popular, well-known, and respected clinicians in the field of Clinical Psychology throughout the greater Philadelphia area.  Ted's dynamic style makes him a particularly desirable therapist for male and female adolescent and young adult populations struggling with anxiety, depression, and/or addiction. As most who have worked with him acknowledge, his high rate of success is no doubt partly due to the high degree of energy he brings to his work, as well as his sincerity, clarity, and unique use of visual aids.  A teaching psychologist at heart, he has the unique ability to make the most painful emotions and confusing life situations understandable to adolescent and young adult populations.


Not one to simply take notes during a session, Ted freely uses movement and humor in his work. With a large whiteboard above his fireplace, he routinely engages his patients to become an active participant in their own treatment, at times encouraging them to step up to the board to fill in the painful emotions that often underlie their more obvious expressions of irritation, frustration, and anger in the home. Perhaps Ted's most unique talent is his ability to honestly understand and help those who feel inadequate to meet their next developmental stage of life, as is so often the case with late adolescents fearing the entire concept of 'growing up'.


Over the past 30 years Dr. Dewart has held such prestigious positions as Adjunct Associate Professor at Temple University's Department of Psychology, Senior Supervising Psychologist at an APA-approved Internship program, Director of Group Psychotherapy at the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center, as well as consultant to some of Philadelphia's premier academic and hospital institutions.


In the past 15 years he has become a highly sought after Senior Executive Coach, a Corporate Consultant in Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, and Practitioner in one of the more successful private practices in suburban Philadelphia. Currently he holds Diplomate status with the Amerian Board of Psychological Specialties and Fellow with the American College of Forensic Examiners.


With his home office located in Spring Mill, Conshohocken, Dr. Dewart is within a 30 minute drive of virtually all of greater Philadelphia, Eastern New Jersey, and Northern Delaware.

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