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A Unique Outpatient Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

It's obvious to any parent who reads the news or is really connected to their children's lives that drug and alcohol abuse and dependence are a major problem among today's adolescents and young adults. What may not be as obvious is what to do about it if you know or suspect that your child is caught up in it.


Traditional approaches normally involve inpatient rehabilitation programs of varying lengths using strict adherence to a 12-step program. Group or individual outpatient treatments use the 12-step model alone or as a follow up to inpatient rehab.


Unfortunately, results from such traditional methods are frequently disappointing. Success rates (i.e., total abstinence after one year) following inpatient rehab treatment are as low as 11% - 18%.  Successful outpatient treatment programs have been highly variable, with few prevailing standards.


However, a new team approach combining a physician Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, Dr. Michael Frost, and Clinical Psychologist, W. E. 'Ted' Dewart, Ph.D. working in tandem, has shown extremely promising results.



Their new individualized treatment plan often provides outpatient detoxification and medical treatment for withdrawal without an adolescent or young adult missing a single day of school or work. And, when indicated, medications can be given after detoxification to help reduce the potential for relapse. When combined with a unique weekly intensive psychotherapy program, their initial results show the success rate of total abstinence after one year to be far superior to tradional outpatient and inpatient forms of rehabilitation.


Their positive outcomes are a result of using a whole new category of medications that change the chemistry of the brain coupled with weekly, intensive, two-hour long psychotherapy sessions. Here, Dr. Dewart works to re-structure the adolescent's underlying personality by teaching how his or her thinking, relating, and behaving is getting in the way of an otherwise successful life.


On average, their team approach can be successfully completed over a nine month period of time for less than the cost of a typical 30-day rehabilitation program. In short, you actually get significantly more time and treatment - with far better success rates - for less cost than using 'traditional' inpatient rehab.

Authors of the upcoming book: "The Self-Medicating Generation: 'The Experts' Solution to the Cycle of Addiction'"

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